Software Engineer


Halil is a software developer with in-depth and broad expertise in back-end systems and competency with the front end and DevOps. He knows the Java/Spring ecosystem like the back of his hand and cloud/cloud-native environments (Azure, AWS, Kubernetes) but is open to learning new languages and frameworks. Basically, Halil will choose the proper tools and algorithms that solve business problems best.


  • Distributed Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Architecture


  • M.Sc. Software Engineering, 2013

    Middle East Technical University

  • B.Sc. Computer Engineering, 2008

    Middle East Technical University



Senior Software Engineer


Nov 2018 – Present Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Developed APIs for developers which provides information about places in TomTom-powered maps, libraries, applications, and services worldwide which are published at Developer.tomtom.com/search-api.
  • Successfully developed four new microservices from scratch including parking spaces, fuel prices, Rich POI, and charging availability services.
  • Improved data release duration from more than eight hours to two hours by optimizing the data storage method, storing data in an embedded database (RocksDB) instead of a file system-based structure.
  • Successfully switched the infrastructure from an Azure VM-based custom solution to an AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) based one which decreases cost and improves the reliability of the services.
  • Designed a processing pipeline for regularly fetching and parsing Foursquare data and incorporating it in the TomTom Rich POI service.
  • Supported the product owner with the design of API fields in order to maintain the readability of the response and flexibility for further changes.

Senior Software Engineer / Technical Lead


Apr 2012 – Nov 2018 Ankara, Turkey

  • Managed the software development activities in a team of 5-7 developers utilizing Agile software development methodologies for the projects executed in several countries including Turkey, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Norway.
  • Developed an outage management system that detects and manages electricity outages in smart grid networks and also integrates with electricity distribution company ERP systems.
  • Guided the software development team that developed the core components (outage management, mobile oms) and also built the integration with customer systems including SAP PM, SAP WFM, and SAP CRM.
  • Actively participated in technical customer-facing meetings in order to collect requirements and decide on design approaches.
  • Supported external projects in other countries, e.g., requirements collection in Spain and for implementation of the outage management module in Norway.
  • Proposed new ideas to deal with customer requests in modeling low voltage network model of utility companies which has more than 2 million customer feeding points.
  • Introduced innovative extensions to an outage management system such as a mobile application for customers. The source code for a simple prototype can be found here: Github.com/halilayyildiz/outagetracker.

Software Development Engineer


Feb 2010 – Apr 2012 Ankara, Turkey

  • Developed a data augmentation engine that augments any given text content by utilizing linked data sources and semantic web technologies.
  • Implemented linked data vocabulary, information extraction, text mining algorithms (NER, WSD, and so on), and recommendation system algorithms (collaborative filtering).
  • Contributed to an open-source software project, DBpedia, by implementing mappings for Turkish Wikipedia: http://mappings.dbpedia.org/index.php/Mapping_tr.
  • Published a whitepaper and presented at Proceeding SWIM ‘11 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Semantic Web Information Management in Athens, Greece (Dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/1999299.1999305).

Software Development Engineer


Aug 2008 – Feb 2010 Ankara, Turkey

  • Contributed to the Vitamin project back-end team which serves online educational content (animations, learning objects, games, exams, and so on) to a vast number of users (800,000+).
  • Implemented an online testing platform where 100,000+ students take online tests concurrently and calculates the results afterward.
  • Developed web-based online education components on the top of a distributed, scalable, and fault-tolerant infrastructure.


Outage Management

Siemens Outage Management System is an on-premise software solution for utility companies which tracks outages in the electricity network, providing full life-cycle management of the outages.

Tomtom Search Api

Search is a RESTful API designed for developers allowing single-line fuzzy search for addresses and POIs. Search assigns a latitude/longitude to a specific address, cross street, geographic feature, or point of interest (POI).


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