Outage Management

Siemens Outage Management System is an on-premise software solution for utility companies which tracks outages in the electricity network, providing full life-cycle management of the outages starting from outage detection on the grid up to report generation for power loss calculations of the customers.

I managed a team of 5-6 developers. We handled the extension of the global product according to local market rules. We also implementedted the integration layer for external ERP systems, including SAP-PM, SAP CRM, SAP WFM, and smart meters. I actively participated in the collection of customer requirements and the design and development of the product. I also designed an integration medium that supports two way communication between the OMS and customer ERP systems.

I’ve successfully delivered and customized OMS to four different utility companies in Turkey and one another in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, I’ve supported Siemens branches in Spain and Norway for their local OMS solutions.

At the end of these projects, I successfully designed the outage management workflow, reduced response time & average outage duration of reported failures. Also, I generated monthly & yearly reports that comply with local regulations.

Software Engineer

My interests include distributed systems, cloud computing and software architectures.